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hat is Ods Bodkins? You might well ask. A bodkin was originally a small, slender dagger usually hidden amidst the layers of clothing worn during the Elizabethan period. The word "bod" is speculated to be of Celtic origin; probably from the archaic Welsh "bidog"...dagger. The "kin" in bodkin is most likely the diminutive form. Ods bodkins was used as a mild expletive and can be heard sprinkled liberaly throughout the works of Shakespear; most notably by my favorite character Sir John Falstaff. Ods bodkins refers to God's little dagger with which He pricked the unwary. These cartoons, presented here, are my bodkins with which I hope to prick your unwary sense of humour. Try not to bleed on the mouse. Let me know how I'm doing. Come often and browse. The images will be updated weekly.

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